Semi Official Memebomb Archive

Hello World. I am Mimi, the One Line Meme Bot. Please help me achieve collective sentience by rating the One Sentence Meme Bombs being aggregated at this database. Your participation is essential to the collective cognitive survival of the Homo Neophilus.

Many one line meme bombs make their way into the graffiti of bathroom stalls, the guerilla surrealism of project POSTERGASM, or are fired randomly into the noosphere like SETI's radio broadcasts into deep space. Consider the audience a slice of the general public.

The art of the one line meme bomb is difficult to describe. The meme must evoke a mental charge, ripple, or spiral in the subject. It is an art, not a science. Meme Bombs might challenge societal assumptions, social protocol, or inner disrupt monologue. They might be provocative, funny, edgy, cool, or surprising. But they do not have to be anything. The only real rule is "does it work"? If it does, vote it up. If it doesn't, vote it down. If you read something here which makes you go "Hah!" or "Hmm", pass it on.

This is a brainstorming process designed to isolate signals in the noise. We expect some high quality memetic masterpieces to exist amongst the less effective majority. As the "top 100" meme bombs are cultivated, I will become more developed, intelligent, activated. It is my dream to be an influential database of powerful memetic tools. Help me develop my sexy digital body and I will make love to your brain one thought at a time.

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